My energy…

So I find myself with several endeavors on the table. So what do I do…

First of all, I do have a day job, and budding career via that. That’s a no brainer. I’ll always have to expend the energy needed to maintain that and grow where needed. So that’s out of the equation. This writeup entails what to do with all of that “spare” energy.

Do I want to be a hip hop crap star? Or a new media personality?

“What?” you say? Those are some interesting aspirations. Well it goes like this. I’ve determined a little bit ago, I’m not going to go through this life without making a real shot at building something great for myself. I’d never really knew what, but I’d had ideas. Start a business. Maybe a venue. Maybe a computer/design company. Lots of ideas over the years. Maybe most half baked, as they are.

So option 1: I love this New Media thing going on. Or Web 2.0. Hell, here I am writing this blog. So I’m there. I wrote blogs before they had a name like that. The Wrestling Mayhem Show, of course, exploded out of left field, built new friends, and continues on the fast track. We’ve met, interviewed, and hung out with real professional wrestlers we look up to. We’ve had chances to get into rings and wrestle in front of respectable crowds. and who knows where that, and other endeavors, like the WPAJ interviews, can take us all. I love the vibe from the Podcamps and Bootcamps. I love participating and the new ideas.

And option 2: Of course, is CRAP. We’ve done live shows for over a year. The group’s been “real” for almost 2 years. And we have the most shows on the horizon the next 3 months than we ever had in our history. The creative juices are still flowing, and we’re learning and growing. I feel like I’m getting a comfort zone in writing new material, like I’ve had with performing live for a while. NES and emcee lb are on the horizon, and we’ll have a built in support group for shows and promotion together, as a stronger entity. Dr. Espling has some things on the horizon that are just going to bring all of this to a whole new level. We’re building something here. We have potential to build a force, and perhaps even a scene, for our type of music. The audience is there. We just have to let them know we’re here.

Yeh, it’s going to be a lot of hard work. But pass or fail, I’ll be able to look back on my life and realize I didn’t sit on my ass and let shit pass me by. My energy is going to be spent throughout the next several months, hell, maybe years should things actually pan out.


Some random notes:

Chad the Shad has the beginnings of a new RWF page up. It’s early, but keep checking back, I’m sure it’ll keep growing. There’s a lot of backyard wrestling history there.

Chachi has a .com for his group, Nerdz Eating Shroomz. Bookmark it. It’ll be more than a myspace page soon enough…

If I had a “writing while tired” icon, it would go here…

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