Musicians and Juggalos at Podcamp Pittsburgh?!

This weekend, my fellow “New Media” crew of Lunchbox(emcee lb) of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, Chachi, and Missfit are embarking on Podcamp Pittsburgh 3.

But why should the Juggalos and Musicians in the area be interested? Well, first off, the Juggalo Community has always been one to embrace new technology, as I discussed in my previous Juggalos and New Media post. The Juggalos were the first to post website after website about ICP, Juggalettes (and their fabulous body parts), News, the concept behind ICP, and even lovers of Faygo.

Over the years, this has scattered and spread amongst Myspace, Facebook, and other social media sites, but many juggalos don’t know what Twitter is, or a Podcast, and there are plenty of examples of Juggalos doing their thing and carving out their own niche. So much so, that ICP themselves have sought to mimic the success of it’s fans.

These are tools that many of Juggalos can use to keep the community going as people have for almost ten years. When I describe the accomplishments of mini Gatherings and Juggalo Days that all of us share in bringing people together, it astonishes people who are amongst the who’s who of social media.

So ever want to know why you might want to start a blog? (more than that myspace profile you’re running), why Twitter should be considered, or why you should spill your thoughts on a Podcast, and reach even more people. This is the place to be.

Podcamp Pittsburgh is, above all, FREE, and chance to meet and greet with people who are doing this stuff, or just getting started like you. They cover writing, video, audio, anything you would want. You don’t have to worry about food. It’s there. And above all, the Meet n Greet and Parties are fantastic! Oh. And it’s FREE! Here’s the lowdown:

PodCamp Pittsburgh 3 will take place on October 18 and 19, 2008, with a meet-and-greet the evening of October 17.

WHEN: October 18 and 19, 9am to 4pm each day
WHERE: Art Institute of Pittsburgh, 420 Boulevard of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (map/directions)
COST: free!

Register today!

See the PodCamp Pittsburgh 3 schedule. Add a session you’d like to give, or request one you’d like to attend.

And be sure to check out sessions from our friends at TheGSpod, StromHuelsman, Something to be Desired, and more!

Saturday October 18
2:00 – 2:45
The HUB (440) — Wrestling Mayhem Show(Sorg and Lunchbox) & Should I Drink That (Fatherspoon and Sick Puppy) After the Mayhem that ensued last year, who knows what will go down this year as the two shows discuss their Grassroots beginnings and where it’s taken them over the last couple years.

Sunday, October 19
10:00 – 10:45
The HUB (440) — Panel: It’s Not Better to Burn Out than Podfade Away (How to Avoid / Recover from Content Creation Burnout): Three of Pittsburgh’s longest-running web shows, DJ G & John R. Carman of The G Spod + The Wrestling Mayhem Show + The cast of Something To Be Desired help you plan for long-term success and offer tips on getting back into production after a looooooong break. Plus, we’ll be debuting the first episode of STBD’s sixth (!) season, so come laugh with a live audience!

11:00 – 11:45
ROOM B (435) — Social Networking/Media 101: Jennie Roth and Missy Sorg

1:00 – 1:45
ROOM B (435) — Social Networking/Media 201 (ADVANCED): Jennie of 37roses and Missy Sorg

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