Chachi Says: Interactive Blog 1

My good buddy Chachi of has a new concept of a MadLibs-esque interactive blog. So here goes!

Today was a Boxing day. I woke up late thanks to my alcoholism. I got to work and prepared myself for what was to come. Eventually calls started coming in. Although today I was not accused of molestation of any fonts. Kinda sad actually because I was looking forward to dealing with naked Librarians. I was however told that I am one of the last people that vomited in the support center. I did however manage to score some really nice music which made it an alright day. Today we had our biweekly Munchkin Lunch break. Twice a week a few guys from the office get together and crash this card game. It’s an easy game that really anyone can play.

Chachi Says: That not every day can be a munchkin day. Sometimes they just pass by.

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