It’s ok. Just hit record again. 

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Video How to Session at Fresh From the Farm JuicesThis has been the week of retakes.

First, a friend working on a new creative project I’m advising on tells me how their video simply dissappeared.

At our fantastic “How to make a ‘How to’ Video” workshop Thursday evening, we had to reshoot an entire tutorial when the iPhone wouldn’t save the 5 minute video we had just done.

Things are going to happen with technology.  Either your Playstation 4 didn’t communicate with Youtube, or your phone doesn’t respond accordingly.

When we reshot our tutorial, we adapted to what we had with materials.  Retold the story.  Shot in segments so we didn’t lose the entire thing again if we had the same issue.

It’s ok.  There’s always a take 2.  Step back to realize why those things may have happened so you can make sure they don’t again.

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