How do I approach this…

First off all, I offer no apologies, like WWE did, about my tribute posting about Chris Benoit. Based on the moment when I wrote the blog, all I knew was of a death, and wrote about the entertainer I enjoyed for years that would be tremendously missed.

Tuesday night, I sat with all three of my friends on the Wrestling Mayhem Show, trying to choke out the hardest two hours of recording I think I’d ever done to this point. Just the range of emotions, from the initial loss of this great talent, to the shock of the supposed “Double Murder-Suicide” findings. We couldn’t joke about it. We didn’t want to ignore it. We really couldn’t. It’s obvious this is the “next big thing” for the media to spend their 24 hours on tv punditing about to replace whatever Paris Hilton fucked lately, and it will change things for pro wreslting, for WWE, for fans looking at the sport. Steroids have come into question, seemingly by default. I won’t defend, speculate, or otherwise contribute to the unfounded theories and ideas and hopes of what really happened, there’s enough of that out there.

But as a performer, Chris Benoit will still be missed by any wrestling fan with respect for this business.

And I hope that everything we hear is wrong everytime I find new information on the matter.

Thank you to all of the Wrestling Mayhem Show fans. I really felt we were all leaning on eachother regarding dealing with all of this. Vim, Mad Mike, and others left plenty of messages, both for the show, and personal in nature. All are appreciated, and why we carried on last night.

Thank you all…

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