A new beginning

After all the ups and downs. After all the planning, plotting, booking, recording, it’s finally out of the bag. We are effectively relaunching Deface Marketing. With, of course, Dr. Espling at the helm, yours truely as VP, and Missy as, um, legal booking-type person (ok, we’re still figuring out her title. But she can do a lot of awesome things on the phone. And, of course, we’re bringing upstarts, Nerdz Eating Shroomz, and emcee lb into the fold. These guys are new to the game, but we already have them on a couple bookings. All three of those guys are already proving to be hard working and trying to make their mark on the music world. We now have no less than a team of 8 individuals making time for this venture in some capacity.

And on top of all of this, we have the joining of WesternPAJuggalos.com and the Wrestling Mayhem Show into the Deface fold. Now, with all of this together, it gives all the entities just a little more stroke.

I’ve had a couple people tell me over the course of a few months, from the New Media community, I have plenty going on, I just need to brand them all together. Well, now, I’ve been able to team with a branding that’s got a foothold in the entertainment industry in Deface, and help enhance that brand, in the process.

We’re all learning from everything we’ve done over the years, and it finally feels like it’s taking form into something tangible, with this venture.

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