hed pe "D.I.Y. Guys" Review

Before we kick off the latest review, check out my last Dirtball album review over on Loudside.com!

hed pe is a band that’s been on the music radar for a long time. Across different labels and, these guys have always brought something different, and with their latest release, the D.I.Y. Guys, we get “to know” the band a little more. This set is a full live/new track CD, along with a full length DVD in the package.

On the album side of things, we get a chance to see the raw, unproduced mayhem sound of their live shows and represent some of the best from their two Suburban Noize releases, “Back 2 Base X” and “Insomnia” live from the legendary Key Club in Hollywood, CA. The studio tracks that round out the album are more of what we can expect from the next album.

Suburban Noize has been doing an amazing job of providing great value in their albums by packing in well produced DVDs with music videos, concert footage, and other extras. This time, D.I.Y. Guys doesn’t dissapoint as we have a “sit down” with Jered about everything from music labels, to the road, conspiracy theories, and the conflict arising from Deejay Product’s tagging antics and the havoc it wreaks on Brian Zinger (Suburban Noize head honcho), and Beejay (the tour manager). It’s raw, it’s hilarious, and it rocks.

For the price of a regular CD, you get live tracks, new trakcs, and over an hour of behind the scenes DVD. You can’t go wrong if you’re a hed pe fan, or just getting to find these guys.

You can see my latest interview with Jered of hed pe on Youtube and Talkshoe for the WPAJ Interview

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