3 thoughts on “Good Morning: Return of WPAJ?

  1. Sorg I’m all for it…I have an idea though…connecting other juggalos that are now parents …do family activities that are fun for us and the kids and be able to bring a Lil Juggalo flavor to it ..like do minis at point park again or even a Juggalo takeover at the children’s museum ( omg those people would freak out on how well we aren’t criminals or hoodrats) these are some of the things I have been pondering over the last few years… I wouldn’t have half the people on my friends list if it weren’t for wpaj and I want my daughter to see this epic transformation that just two clowns from Detroit inspired all of this in Pittsburgh …but I can’t wait and I’d love to be part of the site as I told u back when u first were trying to sell the site ..much clown love and I hope this jumps off


  2. I love the idea! Especially since we’re sort of a hyper local site, it would probably work out pretty well. Even if it starts as a hub for use older fans and friends.

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