Friday the 13th lives?

Well, I must have posted 5 or 6 new videos over the weekend. Some from Juggulated Friday, some form the Mayhem Show, etc. Head to my page and scope what you’ve missed..

So on the up, I was at Juggulated Friday. The 13. And believe me, after a day like that, I believe in the superstition. Here’s a list of messed up things that I, and others were involved in…

  1. I had scores of problems getting a proper set CD for the evening (which included CRAP, NES, DR. E, and emcee lb on one huge set together)
  2. Jeff needed to meet me at McD’s because he didn’t remember how to get to my house with his bud…
  3. …as it began to freak hail storm here in Beechview…
  4. …which it wasn’t in Castle Shannon, where I quickly picked up emcee lb, who was late getting to my house, and now it was hailing, so I didn’t want him to die.
  5. Half of the acts are late, most stuck in Pittsburgh traffic, on the way to East Liverpool, OH for the show
  6. Chachi had some drama with getting a ride out the East Liverpool, OH
  7. Legally Insane and Holly Dolly have to quit their set because their ride’s care caught fire in the parking lot while they were performing. Fire trucks and everything…
  8. Some hoods outside the Teen Club were causing shit and some people almost threw down
  9. Trigga and Devious didn’t do much of a set because the CD was messed up
  10. I killed my back doing something during our set. I think I just rocked it too hard

Aside from that, the set went great, aside from some mic problems, and me forgetting a song I’ve done a shit load of times, I think for the same reason. Deface Family is back out there in people’s faces, we have two shows coming up in two weeks, and more on the way in the works. NES stepped up big time from Sorgstock. Dr. Espling is back in form (I love hyping to his songs on stage. Rocking with that chain in hand felt awesome.) And emcee lb delivered as expected.

I’m on that high right now from then. Now back to the work day tomarrow.

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