Fave 5: Local Music Favorites

I posted yesterday’s video and realized how much I dig that song. So I thought I would present a Top 5 favorite songs from people I know personally doing music in the Steel City.

  1. emcee lb “Thoughtful Nature of Man” ~ Aside from the Wrestling Mayhem Show theme, this was the first full song that Will produced with me. Between the beat, and the saying at the beginning. This is only the beginning of what this guy can do.
  2. Twisted Thoughts “Price We Pay” ~ This was the set starter for Twisted Thoughts, a group comprised of Dr. Espling, and my old friends from a rock band I helped back in the day, Adam and Peewee. It was always the opening to mayhem that ensued including baseball bats (duct taped whiffle ball bats, actually). This was some good times. Too bad the band split up.
  3. MCK “Don’t Wanna Be” ~ Jeff, “Big daddy Shit” of CRAP loves this song, and it really puts a point on what these guys are about.
  4. Basick Sickness “Get Some” ~ Basick is a great artist, and one of the rare ones that I enjoy the majority of his work equally. But I loved the new sound of his latest album, returning to what I understand are his rock roots. This tune definitly represents that the best, in my opinion.
  5. Nerdz Eatin’ Shroomz “Mega Man” ~ Chachi “8-bit” and Rick “Playa 2” early work (hence the rough sound of this unproduced track.) There needs to be more Nerdcore in this town.

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