Farewell, Old Friend…

While I haven’t had the fortune to attend a Penguins game at Mellon Arena, I have been a frequent visitor to the facility. I’ve attended for Marylin Manson, Green Day, and a great number of WWE shows, starting with my first house show in 1999. I’ve seen Unforgiven 2001 (Angle beating Steve Austin for the title), No Way Out (the only, thankfully, barbed wire steel cage match), and Armageddon 2007 (the coming of the Edge Heads!), and countless RAW and Smackdown tapings.

Tonight, I visit the place for perhaps the last time as WWE holds their last show there. An event that I hear is going to be giving a proper send off to the building with a video package and a special edition shirt.

It’s been interesting to see who holds this significant wrestling event over the Penguins playoff game tonight. And the lashback about the screen not being up for this show, but either way, the Sorgs will be attending another historical moment in that ol’ building.

Here’s to you, Mellon Arena

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