Celebrating Chachi

Today I had the pleasure to greet Chachi for his birthday with his first love, Ryan Reynolds, in 8″ plastic form.

Who is Chachi?  

I know some of you know Chachi from his persona on Twitter, his video blog, and work with charity and other projects of mine.  This is the guy that’s stuck through with me on all of my crazy plans for world domination over the years.  I don’t know why.  My history of harebrained schemes has to be quite sordid by now.  Chachi was always a guy I knew I could put a camera in front of his face and Chachi Magic happens.

And this last year Chachi grew as a person and a persona with his Chachi Plays charity and becoming a host on Unsung on PittsburghonVideo.org.  I’m tremendously happy to have him as a friend and a colleague on this adventure we’re on.

Happy Birthday Mr. Chachi! 


Do you have a favorite Chachi moment you’d like to share?

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Chachi

  1. Ask him about the night he was here when Chelle, Brandi and myself got drunk and Chelle made him hide the Patriots jersey from Brandi. OH MY GOD was she pissed. We were so messed up that night….I think we scared our poor Chachi….

  2. Chachi is always so concerned for his friends, especially when he thinks they need to be rescued…

  3. Well (along with everyone else I met), I met Mr. Chachi in person, as I was familiar with his work on YouTube, WMS, and AwesomeCast, for the first time at CP4K and got my ass kicked in the most random game I’ve ever played (Still not exactly sure why I picked Rocky Legends).

  4. We were in the outfield during the first YinzTeam season, and we were getting our asses kicked. The other team kept bombing them way over our heads, so we were doing a lot of running. After about eight batters, I could hear Chachi sort of talking to himself, all out of breath: “Come on guys. Get them out. Chachi is tired.” 

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