Another Sorgstock Success!!!

Sorgstock has come and went once more. We had an amazing wrestling program lined up, with some last minute additions to the roster (sporting a whopping 12 wrestlers total). We had a ring for the first time, Chachi came back to wrestling and we finally put the LWF title to bed, Doc Remedy is the Hardcore champion (finally) and things are stepping up!

A big thanks to Matt and Paul for helping with the ring hookup, MCK and Ryan for bringing up the sound and embracing the camp out by creating their tent city, all of the wrestlers for working so hard, all of the artists who showed up and rocked it on something of a diferent venue.

You can see some pictures already up on my Brightkite stream (from my cell phone), and Jen’s Flickr account.

See you guys for the Summer Edition August 16!!!!

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