This Week in SorgCasts: Holiday Podcasting

This week, Chachi stuck with a one camera, hand held method to get right down to it, covering a few different topics.  It cut a bit out as far as shot editing for me, but challenged me to make sure I inserted enough visuals to keep it interesting.

And of course if you did watch Chachi Says, you’ll notice some video that showed up in this.  Stuff A Bus is something we did a small iphone video for last week, including my friend Doc Remedy cross blocking the bus for his “Should I Wrestle That” and the Wrestling Mayhem Show.  This year, there was much less violence, but we did have a fantastic, intimate discussion with Mikey and Big Bob in the back of the bus.

Finally, I’m starting to get the hang of this new WireCast software.  this week, we welcomed Robb Meyer of Alphalab startup NoWait to demonstrate his service on the show.  This was the first time we’ve had a guest, as well as a co-host in Rob, and the return of some sweet titles to the show.  We also had their developer join us from Texas.  People seem to really like the hands on demonstration, and I’m really enjoying returning to the days where we had everyone in studio.  You can expect more of this in the near future.

And in returning to normal ways, this week’s WMS had the return of Joe Dombrowski to talk about Pro Wrestling Ohio and Ring of Honor.  I had the chance to toss him a few extra questions about the new NXT season.  This and having our core together of Mike, Wrestlefan, and LB in the old school Skype method.  Great show and great talk.

No music show this week.  Both Josh and I had some rough weeks, so it sort of killed off our production.

But it’s Christmas time on the Podcasts!  Had a chance to decorate the studio.  Here’s our vidblog of the week..

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