WTF Was I Thinking Video: First CRAP Performance

So, tonight will mark the first show that the entire trio of Really Pale Gangsters will be doing a show together under the new name. I’ve done with with just Chachi. We did a joint set when we were still parts of Nerdz Eatin Shroomz and CRAP. But this is the first time myself, Chachi/8-bit, and emcee lb/Will, will be joined under the name. So I thought it was a good time to go back and revisit the start. Some three years ago. September of 2005.

  • This was our first performance as CRAP
  • We wrote this song early in the week, and pieced it together that Sunday. Took a week to learn.
  • Introduced by some old friends, who were in the group Twisted Thoughts at the time.
  • Our recorded debut was on their first, and only, album.
  • I’m fairly certain that the lip sync is way off. I didn’t have the best of video facilities then.
  • I don’t feel good that almost 1300 people have viewed this video…
  • I think we went on to do over 30 shows since then
  • CRAP begot: the Stoke Monkey, toilet paper throwing, CRAP TV, CRAPCast, an album, two DVDs, and a lot of good memories…..
  • Check out the rest of what we’ve done at

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