Friday5: The Dollar Short Edition

1. How’s your health?
Fine for as little as I work out.

2. How was your day?
Um, fine. Just a lot of handling things before a week of attempted relaxation out of town.
3. How’s the weather?
Cold. And not as

4. How do you expect to get anywhere in life with an attitude like that?
Wow, how did they know?

5. How many people made you smile today?
My wife when she made a fantastic dinner. My brother when he wanted to play Duke Nukem and some Halo with me. Chachi when he suggested a really thought provoking movie to watch. It was a bit of a happy day, actually…

Who Else is Friday 5-ing? (You know you want to join us…)

*As always, the Friday 5 questions were taken from If you join the fun, be sure to let me know so I can add you to the link list! And don’t forget to send those questions in that you’re itching for us to answer! Don’t worry, we’ll gladly pimp your blog for the effort.(from

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