I Remember Tech TV

I remember getting the satellite and having more than three channels when I was 16
I remember the CNet TV shows on Sci Fi Sunday afternoons
I remember an early Ryan Secrest show about tech
I remember upgrading when DirecTV bought Primestar
I remember getting ZDTV with that upgrade
I remember that giving way, shortly after, to Tech TV
I remember this fueling my tech hunger
I remember something called the Screen Savers that was the cornerstone.
I remember spilling powdered donut and Dr. Pepper on an open, spinning hard drive
I remember John C Dvorak doing a tech panel show
I remember Martin Sergent doing something of a talk show at night
I remember Extended Play becoming Xplay (and awesome)
I remember digging on Morgan Webb since the Screen Savers
I remember shedding a tear when they were merged (and killed off) by G4

So glad it wasn’t the last I’d seen of it.

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