WTF Was I Thinking Video: Adventures of CD Boy!!!!

This week, I found something that wasn’t exactly a video, but I came back across when doing the I Remember post from late last night. So I figured it would be worth it to skip a Podcamp Pittsburgh related post to present to you… CD BOY!!!!

  • More of the Adventures of CD Boy can be found here
  • I was so happy to learn the magic of animated gifs.
  • This would be about 8 or 9 years old.
  • Check out that sweet Fugitive poster in the background.
  • I still have all of those CDs
  • This all stems from my collection of AOL and other ISP discs that you would find in every mailbox, magazine, and mailer at the time. I had stacks and started sticking them to my wall and ceiling with sticky tack. Somehow, we inspired this…

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