I remember the internet ten years ago…

I remember this show by CNET on the Sci fi Channel
I remember our second computer, and IBM Aptiva C66 from Radio Shack
I remember hooking up to the internet for the first time
I remember my first website being so sparse
I remember starting something that would later be called “blogging” nearly ten years later
I remember posting pictures in high school that are still online
I remember postage stamp, pixelated videos
I remember taking all night to download a couple of songs off of something called Napster
I remember ICQ and not wanting to move to AIM
I remember Quake and Quake 2 dominating online
I remember Khali being the shit to get games connected
I remember feeling the difference between 28.8 and the firmware upgrade to 33.6
I remember the “massive” upgrade to 56k, and the standard war between K56flex and v.90 (if I recall correctly)
I remember getting a dual modem hooked up to two phone lines for “blazing” speed of two 56k modems
I remember porn downloading so slow
I remember making a web page for a friend’s band
I remember an MP3.com
I remember when the internet was a scary, new, unregulated space

One thought on “I remember the internet ten years ago…

  1. 1) In 10 years seeing Chachi in a bra doesn’t surprise me.
    2) I still have my ICQ account and Quake CD’s (I was more of a R.O.T.T. guy myself)
    3) I remember selling that IBM at Staples and how big of a deal it was to score an 56k modem. Zoom, US Robotics and Cardinal were our big ones.

    I may have to hit the wayback machine and see what they have archived from my early sites.

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