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Yeh, I kind of started using the .com months ago, and had been meaning to do a. the banner change, and b. this post, and haven’t gotten to it due to business, but here it is…

Now, I mentioned my original blog in this week’s I Remember, I ended up obtaining after taking the Red Hot Chili Peppers song as an online handle (hence “spsjuggalo” on many of my old accounts. So I’ve had this .net a long time. Hell, I started with a free NameZero account with that stupid ad banner I figured out how to javascript around to get rid of. A couple of transfers later, here we are.

So why Sorgatron? I sort of feel silly using the old .net name for my current dealings. It was time for something new, and I held on for lack of a better identity. Leave it to the Wrestling Mayhem Show crew for lending me this name over the evolution of the show the last two and a half years. I finally submitted to this with, my “campaign” headquarters. So I decided to do the conversion here, on the home of all things Sorgatron. And, of course, there are plenty of “Mike Sorg’s” on the internet. Some even in very similar fields as I am. Even with, I’ve tried to keep things a little different in presenting my portfolio.

It’s all about identity, and this is my hand in it.

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