Survivor Series

I don’t intend this to be a “wrestling blog” but it is one of my passions, so why not. And I figure PPV recaps would be a great filler of content. So last night, the 3 M’s (Mike, Missy, and Matt), head down to Washington to scope our the Survivor Series at “casa de Weekly Feature” with Chad the Shad and Doc Remedy.

The Miz vs John Morrison vs CM Punk for the ECW title. This match has some of the greatest talents coming off of the minuscule ECW roster. And the pot was sweetened further with Miz and Morrison winning the Smackdown titles the Friday previous. We had a good dynamic between the three, with some newer moves and almost a show stealer. It was a blast to count how many times Miz got jacked in the head. CM Punk maintains the championship and represents straight edge everywhere.

Ten Diva tag match. A 5 on 5 affair with 20 boobs in the ring going at it. We get a look at the best the women have to offer, with Kelly Kelly throwing in some new moves, and some good action by the usual greats, Victoria, Beth Phoenix, Melina, and Mickie James. Fast paced, sort of short, but Mickie’s new finish of the HLA kiss then kick to the face is priceless women’s wrestling.

Cade/Murdoc vs Holly/Rhodes. For some reason, Heat was host to a great looking 3 way tag match for #1 contender. Decent enough of a match. Murdoch doesn’t kill anybody with his new flippy move.

Survivor Series Match Probably the best traditional SS match I’ve seen in years. After the crazy clean sweep team DX made last year, this year saw Triple H’s team down one, due to Matt Hardy’s “injury”, then taking the big man, Kane, and Mysterio out right off the bat. Jeff Hardy gets to stick around to share the spotlight with Trips. Great to see someone behind the younger Hardy. Great action all around.

Hornswaggle vs Great Khali Shane showed up out of nowhere. Finally! And of course Vince joins him at ringside. They introduce and posture to have the shortest McMahon’s back. Match was as good as it could have been. Then Finley comes out and wrecks Khali with the Shelalie. Great ending, and can’t wait to see the custody battle that will ensue…

Orton vs Michaels for the WWE Championship. A complete 180. Ground moves. Holds. Michaels shows Orton how one really does a headlock. This was starting to look like Rowe/Reyes of recent IWC shows. The fake out kick for the win made sense. Good stuff.

Undertaker vs Batista in Hell in the Cell It’s the new cell, so you know no one’s getting out of that thing. About 30 feet high. Holy shit. The match was pretty good, but just felt forced. Taker does a good job of carrying Batista to a good match. Blood, weapons. Nothing really out of the ordinary, until Edge pops up out of nowhere and destroys Undertaker, handing Batista the win. Excellent return for the Rated R superstar, back to save Smackdown.

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