Wrestling Mayhem Show Episode 92: Fully Caffeinated

The entire fearsome foursome of the Wrestling Mayhem Show return and bring meaning the the term “mayhem” in our name.

Part 1 We test out Hogan’s energy drink and it might have gotten us high. Wetalk Jericho, Survivor Series, and other random things, catching upwith Chad the Shad, and the such. Music by Basick Sickness.
Part 2 Lunchbox almost dies at the hands of a new energy drink, we get thereturn of VimMail, and I’m sure we piss somebody off along the way.

Props and plugs go to our new friends and listeners, including folks from EWF in Indiana, Keystone Championship Wrestling here in PA, and of course J. East from Beaver Falls, PA.

Check out all the action at www.WrestlingMayhemShow.com and download the shows right here.

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