Blogging is Jericho!!

Sorg has internet. Sorg must blog. hmmm…

Well, just back in from Greenville/Jamestown and sitting down to watch the Steelers game (ouch, so far), and thought I’d keep the daily deal going.

First I want to share this video…

That’s right. Delirious with Chris Jericho. I know that video comes up often over on the Wrestling Mayhem Show Myspace page in the comments, and for great reason. It’s freaking hilarious! I thought this video would be appropriate considering this is the eve of the return, the 2nd_coming, if you will, of one Chris Jericho. And why not mix it with Delirious. One of my favorite indie wrestlers out there today!

First, Chris Jericho. I was introduced to “Lionheart” Chris Jericho back when I got back into wrestling once we emerged from the dark ages and actually got a satellite and could watch it again in 1996. This one of the exciting new wrestlers in WCW at the time. The smaller, high flying, more exciting. Nothing really stuck out, to be honest, except he would come out and just lean into the fans for a moment and just envelope himself in them upon his ring entrance.

Jericho grew through the years, gaining more of a whiny, I’m better than you personality until finally, the Iatollah of Rock and Rolla debuted in WWE! It was an exciting time of people starting to jump ship BACK to WWE after a mass exodus of all of its 80’s and early 90’s starts left to build WCW to it’s only height in the business. And Jericho had an amazing run in the fed, up until his voluntary departure after an under appreciated three way with John Cena, and Christian (not a TNA star) two years ago.

It’s a bygone conclusion that it is Jericho. For all the secrecy over the last almost 2 months. And subscribers already receiving the Chris Jericho WWE Magazine coming up. Can’t wait.

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