New Kids like wut!

Oh yeh, it’s Blog time!!! Where you been!

Where’ve I been? Running around Robinson Township, that’s what. Y’know, scouting some future opportunities, looking for an elusive new iMac for the office, lunch at BW3, reminiscing some New Kids on the Block with the staff, picking up some prints for the latest Deface Marketing/Wrestling Mayhem Show release, having some dinner with the beautiful Missfit at Quaker Steak, and had an all around good time.

While at Buffalo Wild Wings, however, there was an interesting collection of music going on. N’Sync. Then some good old “The Right Stuff“. My coworker asks “who is this, Boyz II Men?” to which a nearby waitress exclaimed her recollection of New Kids on the Block. Our own waitress returns and said coworker asks if she knew what it was. Then stories of everyone’s recollection of the NKOTB and the sleeping bags and who knows what they’ve had back in the day. And of course, I exclaim my memories of watching the cartoon on Saturday mornings in my youth.

So yeah. I’ll admit it. I watched the New Kids on the Block cartoon. But come on, I had a whole 3 channels (when the wind blew the right way) to watch on Saturday morning. Sometimes there’s a tough choice in the scheduling. And maybe there was a scheduling conflict with nothing good for the half hour amongst them as I awaiting The Real Ghostbusters, or Fraggle Rock cartoon. Perhaps the next exciting episode of the Care Bears. You know. The good stuff.

But come on. As a musician, you draw from all sorts of genres. And somewhere, when writing something catchy, like stuff about monkeys flinging poo, there was a little bit of NKOTB hook ingrained in the back of my conscienceness.

oh, and this is sweet..

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