Loves me some Shmuffinz…

Yeh, I’m a day late. Kind of zonked out early last night after along day and a long ride up here to good ol’ Jamestown. But we’ll get a 2for1 today and I’ll try to get back on later tonight as well. But as far as I can tell, my day blog buddy, emcee lb’s, blog isn’t even up. Go Friday.

So this morning, my brain is working just enough to bring you: the excellence of Sheetz!

Why? Because that was probably the highlight of my day yesterday when we visited the Moon Township Sheetz on our way up last night. I’ve always been a fan of Sheetz. And here’s why:

Touch screen ordering: Because honestly. Who wants human interaction with a conveniene strore employee. If there’s anything Clerks has taught us, that’s it. Plus having the entire menu at your fingertips on this device give you a small sense of being on the edge of technology.

Food selection: I, for one, am a big fan of their MTO subs. The meatballs are amazing, and my regular choice. But there’s more! From Fajitaz, to Shmuffinz, to various other food items intelligently marketed with the letter “Z”. And if you happen to attend one of the newer Sheetz, as I’ve noticed in Western PA, they seem to toast all of the hot subs. A difference from the likely microwaving of these sandwiches. It makes a difference.

Cleanliness: This is one gas station that you typically don’t feel like you’re going to get hepatitis from being around the toilets. And that makes a big difference in coming back. I hate not having one in the South Hills area on my commute route to work. Sunocos around there aren’t the worse, but feel severely more limiting in gas station experience.

FU, Starbucks! Now old and new stores are being retrofitted with the new Coffeez bar. And new Sheetz have a great sense of atmosphere that would rival any Starbucks for comfort while you are on the road. But they’re not the only one taking the Starbucks opposition route. So is McDonald’s. But that’s another story.

Gas station innovation. I discovered that the location we were at last night now accepts cash at the pump! And aside from that, I’d already seen the MTO order stations out at the pumps. And you walk into this place and see four giant HD screens visually shouting the specials in your face while you order your food.

So now that I’ve more or less wrote a resounding advertisement for a gas station, of all things, I suppose I should think of something more earth shattering for my next trick.

One thought on “Loves me some Shmuffinz…

  1. All Hail Sheetz! The only thing I really want is to be able to pay for my MTO at the touch screen when I order it. Waiting in line to pay at the counter just slows the process down. No reason they can’t ad a card swipe to the screen and let me take care of it right there!

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