Joining the Revolution!!

I attended the most recent Blogfest (celebrating 3 years strong!) and was inspired by the Ms. My Brilliant Mistakes, and Mr. Have a Good Sandwich on this “blog a day” concept. Eh, why the hell not!

So tonight, on the air, I entered into a Twitter-pact with Mr Thoughtful Nature of Man on the Wrestling Mayhem Show to post a blog a day. So here’s the start of the rest of my blogging. I swear I’ll come up with better cliches.

In other news, there’s been an interesting email exchange about the state of Podcamp Pittsburgh inspired by Mr Podcamp, Chris Brogan’s recent post about he future of the event, and its evolution. Very interested questions about success and its future are being discussed. It feels like much of the blog world sort of dropped into this state of second guessing itself all over the internet the last week. What is “success” for us. Have we rolled over the hump. Are we really making a difference? Are people committed to this, and is it for the right reasons.

For me, I think the goals are clear enough. As long as I can justify my own purpose and effort, what more do you need. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment? Are you happy with your handful of friends checking out your thoughts? Or would you rather aim to reach thousands? For me, most of my “success” has stemmed from things I’ve simply enjoyed (ie. writing down my thoughts, talking about things I enjoy, etc) have ballooned into more success than I expected. I’ve succeeded in any accomplishment by feeling this justification, and enjoying every twist and new association stemming from it along the way. This “New Media” has delivered at every turn the more I learn just what I can do with it.

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