Like my parents before me…

Well, as some of you already know, I made an emergency trip back home to Jamestown, PA for some family issues I have to help deal with between my father and grandmother’s conditions. It’s Saturday night (no internet, so this will be up in due time) and I was talking with my dad. I love it when I get him talking about things “back in the day.’ It always seems hard to get him to that point over the years.

But my dad had a fairly good career. He’s been a machinist since before I was born. Working at several companies before settling at Hodge Foundry right in Greenville up here for 15 years before his unfortunate accident several years ago.

But he was telling me about the machinery he would work with large machines and computers. And the codes he had to learn to program these machines to cut product into precise configurations. Something about “G-Codes” and, originally, code that came in on paper tapes. And then being replaced by CNC machinery, I believe, that did most of this process itself, needing merely a “button pusher” to operate it, thus ending the need for specialization. And I know from previous discussions about his success in his field, and staving off being laid off due to his being such a specialist.

Then I look at my mother’s career as a CAD designer, and realize where my penchant for technology came from. It’s a different generation of technology. And maybe they’re not on the cutting edge of knowing how to deal with it. (that’s why I’m here to help them with that). But they were along with technology to make a living, and it’s great to realize that. Now both me and my brother are following in their footsteps. Him with his aim to do Game Design with his current schooling, and myself with my fingers in so much Multimedia-centric objectives.

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