WTF Was I Thinking Video: Chadawick the Shadawick

March last year, we decided to make a few spots for the Wrestling Mayhem Show. Some, Apple Switch parodies, some commercials, some promos for the upcoming Sorgstock. But sometimes the best things are the impromptu. And there is never any shortage of that with the WMS guys…

  • The bust belongs to Missy. I don’t know anything else of the history of them.
  • Chad busted in on another promo with this thing.
  • This was our first experiment with green screen. Which consisted of a couple yards of green fabric we draped over a couple portable clothes racks, that we no longer use, in my living room, lit by several strategically placed lamps without their shades.
  • Seriously, I do this at work from time to time. With better(ish) conditions.
  • In some of these videos, especially ones shot towards the end, part of the screen started to move (from the second layer) and you could see tearing where the light was coming through from an outside window behind.
  • We used my 42″ TV as a reference monitor, just for fun.
  • We made no less than 20 videos for YouTube on this shoot. Mostly small segments edited from a few hours of adlib work.

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