WTF Was I Thinking Video: Basick Grenade

This week, I look back to some good ol’ CRAP TV from less than a year ago in East Liverpool, OH. This one was from Juggulated ’07, and features a fellow artist on the bill, Basick Sickness (opening for hed pe Tuesday, btw) and Fetus Grenade. (Warning: highly obsene lyrics. I warned you, Papuga.)

  • This video is featured on the CRAP TV Volume 2 DVD I am selling at shows only, so far
  • Basick has a knack for getting into these things. I have another video from this past May’s Geneva show.
  • Fetus Grenade was just a couple guys we found hanging outside the venue. There is a another short video of them here.

Just a quickie one this week. Scope for some Stoke Monkey Madness!!!

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