Wrasslin’ Time

Well, of course, for years, I’ve been an avid “wrestler”. Not in the typical sense of a professional wrestler, but as a “backyard” wrestler. Just doing it with friends, winging it for the most part. It’s looked down on by most in the biz, from what I understand, but you know me. If it’s fun, I’m in.

As of late, I’ve had a great opportunity to work with some great people to help create our dream’s reality. Lately, I’ve been running with a group of 30+ guys and girls that have been working, together, to get started. And thanks to that, we had a great opportunity to work with a trainer as of late. Does it hurt. Yes. Is it worth it. Hell yes.

From what I’m aware of, this isn’t the typical way to break into the business. You pay to go to a more formal school, get run into the ground, etc. But this is one of those situations with enough like minded people, with heart of varying degrees, honestly, have come together to give it a shot. We had a chance to work with a couple professional wrestling trainers and run through some stuff, and already feel better about my abilities in there.

Of course, there’s no money, and a lot of pain involved with getting into something like this, but there’s just something inexplicable about it that keeps us going. And we have some great things on the horizan, I think.

The surprise of the day, for me, was one Silent Ninja. Missy happened to check with him that morning and he ended up coming. I know he expressed some interest, but never knew he’d go for it. First time in a ring. Didn’t even jump into the one at Sorgstock. He was already doing an admirable job running the ropes. Not too bad on taking the bumps (falls) either. But then it hit. He took one clothesline bad, putting his hands in the wrong place, and his wrist got wrenched. I felt so bad. But he got bandaged up, watched the rest of the day’s training up close, for the most part, and told me it wouldn’t keep him from coming back.

You know, Hulk Hogan had his leg broken his first practice….

Check back with me in a year on this one.

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