WPAJ Interview: Morfeen and Captain Dan

Finally, we’re back to our habits for the WPAJ Interview, and we have a double shot this week:

First is Morfeen, hailing from New Jersey. It’s some good ol’ Wicket Shit you can check out in the interview, and on his Myspace page.


And second, we finally have a chance to catch up with Captain Dan, and a member of his “Scurvy Crew”, Scott Free, who happens to be a down Juggalo himself. We talk about why Pirate Hip Hop makes sense, ninjas, nerdcore rap, and more. Check out Captain Dan and his Scurvy Crew at their Myspace Page.


Next week, we will be doing a live interview with Jury the Clown, ad Deface Marketing original, artist, and current host of The Artist Point. This time it will be Wednesday, May 14. Stay tuned for an official time!

And we’re always looking for new artists to help get the word out. If you think your stuff is fresh, drop me a line at mikesorg@gmail.com.

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