Would you jump off a wharf if you’re friends told you to? Yes.

A year ago, some crazy yahoos that I know decided to go jump in a river on New Year’s Day. I partied pretty hard and late, so when Chachi knocked on my door, I declined to be one of the crazy yahoos. This year, I was determined to be a crazy yahoo after I saw all the fun to be had

The feeling was unreal. We jumped in, you can hear me saying “Oh, my God,” which I don’t recall blurting out. The shock. Wow. I could feel my arms and chest just cease to exist. As you can see in the video, below, I wasted no time at all getting back out. From what I’m told, we were a little further down, and the side wasn’t as shallow and easy to climb out. It felt like all of my energy just left my arms along with feeling. I scrambled for the shore and couldn’t get a hold on anything. I managed to flop my arms on shore and found Scott standing there. I muttered a “help” to him and got pulled out, as much as I could help. I immediately passed by everyone and started changing out of my wet shirt and toweling off. I had a camera or two in my face, and I’m sure I swore a lot at them.

NYD 2010-13
Courtesy Rob de la Cretaz

I have to hand it to the Yinz Crew. Preparation. Uncle Crappy had some special coffee to keep us warm before jumping in the drink. Hutch managed to bring a propane heater!  I managed to scrape my foot up pretty good, and some other small cuts and bruises as I unwieldy slammed my unfeeling appendages against the concrete.  But nothing too bad.  We warmed up for a bit and collected ourselves, then made our way to our cars and met up for some Hard Rock Cafe, who were generous enough to open a little early for us to warm up.   Check the video for shots of before, during, and after, and Chachi showing off his bathrobe he wore all morning…

One thought on “Would you jump off a wharf if you’re friends told you to? Yes.

  1. You showed enough speed once you got out of the water that morning that I think a tryout with the Steelers should be in order.

    Welcome to the club.

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