Worth Saving: The Loyalsock Story (Part One)

One of my recent bigger independent projects has been posted live, and I thought I’d share. For several months, I have been helping with the PennFuture Podcast, editing interviews and videos for the group. It’s been an educational experience hearing about what the state is doing for the environment. Somehow, I find myself tied into groups such as this and, previously, the Sarah Heinz House and their sustainable expansion documentary.

Pennsylvania has many outstanding and beautiful rivers, streams and creeks, and few are as well-loved and supported as Loyalsock Creek. The Loyalsock runs through Sullivan and Lycoming Counties into the West Branch of the Susquehanna, eventually down to the Chesapeake Bay itself.

Loyalsock Creek is used for trout fishing and white water kayaking. The Loyalsock Trail is a wilderness trail that runs along it, providing opportunities for hiking. Worlds End State Park is located on the Loyalsock in Sullivan County.

This documentary features the people of the area who have worked ceaselessly to clean up the Loyalsock and are fiercely protecting it now. You’ll hear the pride in their voices as they talk about the recovery of the Loyalsock from damage from the coal industry and bad development, and exactly how important this waterway is to the quality of their lives.
And, of course, you’ll learn about the importance of cleaning all the streams and rivers upstream if we are ever to have a healthy Chesapeake Bay.

In Part two, which will be available on July 17, you’ll learn about the new threats to the Loyalsock, and what local citizens, working together, are doing to protect it.

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