Wintereenmas: WWF Rage in the Cage


I wasn’t on the cusp of technology in the early ’90’s. I found that the best way was to wait until a console was in it’s later years and clean up at the used game store, ebay, etc. One of the best things I found, and something that had been on my wish list for some time: WWF Rage in the Cage.

It was the quintesential wrestling game. It had all of the colorful graphics we came to expect of the Super NES and Sega Genesis WWF games of this era. The huge 16-bit graphics. Man. This was good stuff. On top of that, that Sega CD delivered on the major promise of CD-Rom: Full. Motion. Video. Watch as your favorite bigger than life wrestlers actually move on the screen in glorious 16 color palettes in the quarter center of your screen!

It wasn’t all good in Mayhem Land for this installment, though. We had the cage. We had the video. We had the Fink giving digitized ring announcements, as well as digitized voices of the roster. We even had a tag team representation in the Headshrinkers and the Nasty Boys! But no tag team option. Ouch. But still, for 1993, this was the best game in town, and this week we celebrate it!

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