Wintereenmas: Metal Gear Solid 2

Wintereenmas is about the gaming we’ve lived with and that drived us.  Nothing drove me more than to conquer a game in under two weeks.  I’m not a serial gamer.  It can often take me 2 years, or more, before I beat a game.  I play it for a time, go to something else, and sometimes return to it months later.  As previously mentioned The Playstation 2 was the first console I got in it’s generation since the Game Boy.  I had borrowed Metal Gear Solid 2 from a high school friend over the summer .  I hadn’t experienced such things as Final Fantasy 7 or the first Metal Gear Solid, so I didn’t know what to expect.  I was sold from the first cinematic, with entrance graphics.  I wasn’t even pissed at the lack of Snake in the latter majority of the game since I wasn’t a returning player.  Though Raiden was a bitch.  I played this until the sun came up on more than a few days. But that’s ok, because otherwise I’d be up drinking a cappucino at Perkins anyways.

So angry. Yet remaining his pretty.

So I went on, over that summer, playing MGS2, often until the sun rose.  Many times exclaiming “Im in a box” or “I’m in a box, stop shooting at me.  Missy, my then girlfriend, was highly entertained, then turned maybe annoyed, when I was up all night as she slept, trying to box sneak through the facility.  All was awesome…until Naked Raiden

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