Why I love to Wrestle.

This evening, I attended a bit of what they call a “wrestling party” with the RWF crew. Basically, someone has access to a ring and gets all of the enthusiasts like us together and puts together a small show for our own enjoyment. Well it dawned on me tonight why I love doing these things so much.

I miss drama club.

Ok, it wasn’t really a club that I was in. It was just volunteering for some plays. I really did three in my two year tenure at Greenville, who really did have a form of drama department, and an actual auditorium. Not just a gym with a stage like Jamestown had. But I enjoyed all my roles, although small. My bit parts holding a guitar for the main guy, and as the bartender who ends up in a barbershop quartet in Bye Bye Birdie. The solemn Grandpa in Goodbye to the Clown, and henchman who takes a bump after being kicked in the face by a “little girl” in Pink Panther Strikes Back.

So wrestling is a chance to get out there and play a character. But more interactive. I have my role to play. But its looser how I can choose to present it. I can react to the crowd, positively or negatively. Something goes wrong, I adlib along with how my character goes. Like missing the second rope and blaming the “crappy ring”. From the selling of hits and nut shots, to trying to come across as a threat to the opposition. I had more fun on the outside of our buddies, the Weekly Features were wrestling in a four way tag match. We sort of serve as the “invading faction” so we all come out to support our guys. Keep things “fair”. And reacting to the match and chasing the opposing managers down for attempting to pull some shady moves.

*sigh* A good time.

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