Why did you puzzle me so?

So,  I’ve had a long standing love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I’ve been slow to accept it.  But I’ve not rejected in fully.  I know, it’s the kind of user I am.  I’m the sort of person that needs to find the value in a site like this to accomplish my goals on a personal and professional level.

Sorg_on_FacebookThe biggest problem I’ve always had with the social sites is that inevitably, someone had slipped through the cracks.  Too often I’d send out an event on there, or post on one of my many social sites, and a good friend would feel jilted on not knowing about it.  Myspace had this problem.  Twitter has too steep of a learning curve that is only now being conquered thanks to the exposure on CNN and Conan O’Brian.  Finally, Facebook has met that critical mass that I find it useful.  This is the closest thing I have found to connect me in some fashion to almost anyone I could want to.

When my friends in the social media community are as equally involved in something as my mothing in law up in New York Applachia and her family, something good is going on.  Finally,  I’ve found the site a good way to connect with people on events and news for my clients and podcasts.

The connectivity with things like my Twitter have helped add a new layer of responsiveness and outreach.  No longer does someone have to comprehend Twitter to follow my thought provoking ideas, such as…

Somewhere, the Chris Masters kid just had a young heart attack…

That’s right.  Even my mom will know when I’m having a good sandwich.  (ahem)

But I still think applications are worthless.  Show me one that’s useful.

One thought on “Why did you puzzle me so?

  1. I refuse to install applications people suggest and there is a good chance that if you send me one I will block all requests from you.

    I use facebook for the podcast, shoot an occasional message to some friends and share pictures. Besides that I don’t care what your stripper name is, what member of Friends you are or that you want me in a fake mafia. Unless I’m beating up a hobo, I’m not interested 🙂

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