When Potholes Attack

Fox expose announcer voice: “What happens when a city is overrun by the deadliest of predators? When the citizens are just too scared to leave their homes and consider using mass transit. Rims bent. Dreams shattered…

…When Potholes attack…”

So we get up Saturday morning, happily getting ready to go hear some who’s (had free passes to the new Dr. Suess movie, thanks to the City Paper.) We start out, get half a block. Our tire is flat.

Now, this is the second flat tire in a month for us. We have a fairly large SUV. And fairly large tires. But, still, the emassed Pittsburgh-pothole-population has claimed half of our rubber souls.

But the morning was not a total loss. As I had way too much energy for being up so early on a saturday morning, I was determined to make the most of my waiting room time down at Firestone. there was an older couple beside us. I had a good vibe, so I asked “What are you in for” We went on to have a couple bonding time, of sorts with good ol’ Fred and Cathy from Sheridan. I thought I had some energy. This guy had it to spare. We talked about pets, family, (guy camped in my hometown, it seems). So potholes (and their wonky alignment) brought strangers together….

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