What’s Coming Up?

First off, we just got on the bill, actually as CRAP this time, at the Sewickly Legion.

Saturday, September 20
Sewickly Legion
246 Broad Street, Sewickly, PA
The Steel City Squad
Paul Hammond
Hawk Jr
Pittsburgh Ghost

We will have tickets available soon for $5. Stay Tuned!
And then October 2-5 is Con on the Cob!!!!

Deface Marketing will have a booth all weekend!
Performances by CRAP and Nerdz Eatin Shroomz!
Podcast Seminars by the Wrestling Mayhem Show!

And finally, Sorg will be at Podcamp Pittsburgh 3!
This is a speaking engagement involving Sorg and the Wrestling Mayhem Show! Come, and learn about New Media in Pittsburgh!
See last year’s Mayhem!
podcamp pittsburgh 3

Lots of big things in the next couple months.

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