What is takes….

…to be married…I just celebrated my 3 year wedding anniversary with my amazing wife, Missy. We’ve known each other for, what, 8? Wow. And sometimes I wonder if I’m a good husband, and sometimes we fight.

So what is the secret? How the hell did we last so damn long already? We’ve seen each other through school, family issues, and the struggle of our budding careers. There are things about each other that drive us batty.

Missy is very, hm, “straight laced”, I guess you could say. She’s smart, precise, intelligent. And dammit, she can cook. Oh, and don’t forget those amazing blue eyes. She always wants to get things done, perhaps to a fault.

Me? Aloof is a word that’s been brought up. I’m always wanting to entertain myself. Get out, enjoy the world. Even when she thinks we should just sit in a night. I’m looser with responsibility, probably to a fault.

So we’ve established we’ve driven each other to the brink of sanity the last few years.

Interests? We both enjoy varying types of music. As well as creating and performing it, most recently. Varying types of video games. She enjoys wrestling, just not to the extent I do. Similar movies. She likes Tigger. I like Ninja Turtles…

So what’s the point? Yeh, basically the point is I have no idea what makes a good relationship, and how we can still feel like it’s the first date sometimes. We just “are”, I guess.

Quote of the Day: “When we have a daughter, I will call her ‘Karma’. So when she starts dating, I can say ‘Don’t fuck with Karma!'” ~ My lovely wife.

Oh, and we just started calling my brother “Emily” tonight.

More 3 year old wedding photos at www.sorgwedding.com.

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