What Has My Attention: Podcasts

I thought going into 2009, it’s time to let people know what I’m paying attention to. Of course I’ve been an avid listener to This Week in Tech, Between the Ropes, and The Awful Show for years now. And I’ve mentioned many of my New Media Friends on here. Here’s my most recent attention grabbers on the itunes feed.

  • Level 5 A young podcast, you could say. Run by the Mayhem Show‘s Doc Remedy and Mad Mike. These guys have a good thing going, if not needing a little polish, and are carrying on the live chatroom aspect of the WMS recordings. Keep an eye on them.
  • You Look Nice Today Found out about this from Merlin Mann’s appearances on TWIT. A great intelectual comedy show that entertains and jogs your thoughts to keep up. A favorite of Rob’s as well.
  • No Agenda I’ve been a John C Dvorak fan since ZDTV. And the addition of Adam Curry (yes, the former MTV jock) made this interesting enough to not ignore yet another listen. These guys talk everything from conspiracy theories to fine wines. I’ve become a fan of shows with a wider direction like this.
  • Stuff You Should Know From the HowStuffWorks guys, my animator at work actually let me on to this about a week ago. It’s a great, short, show about everything from how to survive a plane crash to exorcism.

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