Welcome to the Madness Region

It was a long week. And, obviously, one that was not too inspired for blogging. But it was all capped off with the Rockin’ 80’s Party at the Creative Treehouse!

Much of it was a blur. I came as the Macho Man, an anagram of the 80’s and further versions of the character, because 1) I wasn’t wearing skivvy trunks, and 2) the only shirt I could find was from NWO era Macho.

As with others, I am awaiting pictures and videos to recall the night in full. But here’s what I do recall.

  • Playing much Nintendo with Silent Ninja and Sager, including Burgertime, RBI Baseball, and Legend of Kage. That thing was rockin’ on the projector.
  • I think I deemed Rachel “Miss Elizabit” for the night. She was as close as anyone could get, I thought.
  • I recall a public group “Rick Roll” that was fantastic. Even better than our previous Luchador Rick Roll
  • I recall becoming the Prom King. Much respect to “Rick Roll” Scott and “Bandana” Sager, but no one can mess with the “Macho King” baby!
  • Then I danced with DJ G. That was surreal.
  • Then Justin Kownacki kicked me in the bits to cut in on the birthday girl.
  • At one point, everyone hugged me at the same time.
  • And we broke out in “oh baby you” of the Mayhem NYC trip fame, and we were joined by Biz Markie?
  • A wrestling match broke out between Chachi and Doc Remedy. You knew that was coming…

That’s all the comes to me right now. Much love to Justin and Ann for throwing such a “fab” party last night, and Happy Birthday Ann!

UPDATE: Just spotted Locobone’s pics from last night!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Madness Region

  1. As of right now my arm is still a little tired from holding the boombox during the group rick roll dance.

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