Vacation Ho!!!

It’s finally here. A real damn vacation. A real chance to recharge my batteries and let loose.


Last year, I didn’t do much for a vacation. I couldn’t go anywhere, didn’t really have the money. But Will was kind enough to bring me along to the middle of nowhere to hang out and play video games for two days. This, plus the cutting of our Christmas office closing and all the things that have come up over the past year that felt like one kick in the nuts after another, and I’m pretty damn frazzled.

This year, I vowed early to make up for it. Travel somewhere. First, I was going to fly. Finally conquer that fear. But after some analysis, I realized that a train would be cheaper and less stressful, and a new experience. So we went for it. That, on top of the Mad Mike up in the Bronx always up for us to come back after our Mayhem Takes Manhattan trip back in January, and the pieces fit together.

The agenda? I leave Wednesday on a 9 hour train ride to Penn Station in the heart of the city. Then, all I plan on is an Ring of Honor show at the Hammerstein Ballroom (old ECW hot spot) and drinking. A lot.

It’s time for Sorg to get away, but no worries, I’ll be back with many stories, and hopefully, some video like last time, as you can see by my last couple WTF Videos, lately.

But before I take off, I’m doing my best to take part in a bit of a “staycation”. This consisted of video games. Lots of video games. I tackled much of Gears of War and started some Halo 2 co-op play. I never thought it’d be that much fun, and I don’t mind the split screen on a larger screen that I have now.

Also, I determined I’m going to rediscover the city a little bit. There are a few things around I have been wanting to see again, or for the first time. Last weekend, I visited the zoo with my mother and brother. Saturday, we hopped the train and walked over to the Heinz History Center in the strip. I don’t think Matt had been over there aside from the last ICP concert at “Club Zoo” where we got pictures to be in the City Paper. The place is pretty cool. I was disappointed that the “Points in Time” wing was closed. This was where the kennywood and steel areas were, from what I recalled some ten years ago when my late grandmother brought me down there. But the surprise was the extensice Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, which emcompassed two stories of the newer section of the center.

And, of course, we had a hilarious came night of Halo with Will, Chachi, MissyJo, and Chachi’s sister. We need more of these.

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