This Week in SorgCasts: Year End Wind Down

Chachi Says 15: Mysterious Statues

Chachi is taking the location variation to heart, as he decided to seek out some mysterious statues he learned about on our local PBS station.  Tremendous.  A little lesson about backlighting, and we’re going to be good.

AwesomeCast 30: Punching Kim Jong-il in the Face

AJ returned to the show in studio since he literally lives up the street from Sorgatron Media Central.  We have a good time tackling the news of the week, explore some awesome Tumbler pages, and discover I need to actually see the people on the couch for these things…

Wrestling Mayhem Show 249: Not a Sex Tape

…and since he was there, AJ also stuck around for the Mayhem Show.  This was a suitably remixed version of the show between that and Prince Magus joining us and DJLunchbox on the Skype lines.  Another fun show despite not connecting with our scheduled interview.

This was another week why I like to keep the “rotating host” concept rolling.  AJ and Magus brought some tremendous new incite and conversation starters to the show.  I worry that, especially with the wrestling show, we can get stale and have the same two sided arguments.

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