This Week in SorgCasts: Ultimate X Never Left

Chachi Says 7: What it all comes down to…

More and more, I realize we need to get Chachi some better cameras.  This is one of those episodes.  But this is the conclusion of one of the first “arcs” in the show.  It’s been interesting how Chachi has put it together, and I hope we’ve both learned a bit from it.

AwesomeCast 22: As Addictive As Farmville

We had Mitch back on, and it as always, it was a fun time.  Oddly, every time we have him on, he has a knack for mixing in surprise topics like pornography or birth control into the week’s topics.   More proof he fits right in.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 241: Through A Child’s Eyes

Another one of those shows that was just “on” for some reason.  We had some extra fun for the WMS Gold app with Hotwheelz at a local wrestling show.

Music Funtime Show 22: MC Frontalot

Happy to finally get this one up!  Had a great time hanging with Front here in Pittsburgh.  Will (@djlunchbox) did a great job with the interview, being someone a bit more fluent in the nerdcore world than I am.  Front even worked with us on a few “extras” that will be popping up shortly.

And, as usual, I’ve been continuing my own personal “SorgCasts” post recording.  They’ve been fun.  So, I sort of go back to the beginnings of this line of videos.  So I’ll be renaming the future videos in this line “SorgCam”.  It was sort of my way of picking the random videos I posted on my YouTube channel from the more thought out content like podcasts, interviews, and music.  After some thought, and the redundant use of the term in this very post, I think I’m going to step back to that, then.

Here’s this week’s, including a bit of a WMS throwback on where, exactly our studio wildlife came from…

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