This Week in SorgCasts: Rappers, Journalists, and the Rest of Us…

Chachi Says 8: Phone Revisit
This was a fortunate circumstance.  As most already know, I had the fortune to film an interview between MC Frontalot and DJLunchbox for last week’s Music Funtime.  I was also asked to film something extra for an as yet unnamed project.  I saw him pull out his shiny new G2 and remembered back to Chachi’s phone show, talking about his choices on T-Mobile.  Apparently Chachi and Front are kindered souls since both are G1 users looking for that upgrade to the G2.  Front was great and let me film a quick spot for Chachi’s show.

AwesomeCast 23: Why Can’t I Buy Wine Like a Normal Person??
I’m enjoying the fact that we’re getting to this point that we can pick up on our old list of guests when we can’t work out a new name.  We know who we’re comfortable with, and who is always great to deliver.  Another pleasant timing situation when Uncle Crappy, who’s a newspaper journalist by day, had just encountered the new automated wine kiosk being deployed in Pennsylvania.  Aside from that, he was able to give us a great take on the mew MacBook Air from his perspective of someone needing to be portable to cover his beat.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 242: Don’t Hurt Me
After all of the threatening my coworkers may have done to our listeners for all these years, finally, they strike back.  Big Freaky is our biggest contributor to the Mayhem Hotline, and takes us to task for the stuff we choose to cover.  He calls out members of our crew and goes pretty off the wall.  I love the unpredictable nature that happens with this show when we have so many different personalities involved on the show, and in our fan base, who almost never agree, except their passion of wrestling and that they have an opinion of it.  All this, and we welcome frequent chatroomer, and part time WWE employee, ThePrinceMagus, who fits right in with the crew!

Music Funtime Show 23: Hip Hop Renaissance
It’s sort of hard to get guests.  I know that from the Mayhem Show, and it’s just as hard, if not harder, for the music industry.  Part of it is time to dedicate to chase down PR and Myspaces that everyone insists on communicating through, and part of it is my dedication to quality I still regret not holding to on my old music show, but this happens.  To that end, I’m trying to come up with some ways to introduce new content to fill out this show in those off weeks we don’t find suitable guests for the show.

All this, and I talk to dead things…

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