This Week in SorgCasts: One of those weeks…

Chachi Says 10: Nintendo Power
Chachi get’s the most geeked up since starting this show.  Power Glove, NES cartridges out, who whole bit.  Think it was a good show to touch on some of his favorite old school games.  You know, for the young kids that need to know this stuff.
AwesomeCast 25: Not As Cool As iCarly
A fine example of what happens in a perfect storm of experimenting with a new Skype Beta, a slow news week, and nothing real worthwhile planned for a show, guest or new topic wise.  Well, it happens.
Wrestling Mayhem Show 244: Nasty Feauxgina
Thanks to Missy on this one.  I didn’t know what to expect going into it after seeing how boisterous they were on a shoot interview in recent months.  We ended up getting only Jerry Sags of the Nasty Boys due to a miscommunication in the number for his partner Brian Knobbs.  It was a hefty 50 minute interview, but for those that love hearing some of the old classic guys talking about the wrestling biz, this interview is for you.
Music Funtime Show 25: TrackAddicts Records
I was fortunate enough to go out and check out TrackAddict Records first hand and chat with Ron and even my old friend Paul.  Have one more coming up where we talk to Paul, who really puts over this group as a whole.

And a side note: I have finally become Mayor of Mayhem Studio once again…

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