This Week in SorgCasts: On Location

AwesomeCast 33: I Would Suck on a Plastic Game Piece

This week, we set out to Sharp Edge Bistro on Penn *ding!* for the big event, despite the snow going on.  It was a lot of fun to again have a live audience to respond to some of the discussion, especially the VeriPhone talk that just broke that day.  Fatherspoon of made his debut on the show filling us in on what the venue had, and Mulango joined us for the later part of the show to talk about video games.  An Angry Birds board game may be in my future.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 252: The 5 Year Anniversary Show!

The snow really put a crimp on our attendance, but from the tweets I got, we would have had a room full!  Chest Flexor, Joe Dombrowski, Michael Facade, and Jimmy Demarco all joined us on the show, as well as Mayhem Originals Chad the Shad, Mayhem Missie, Mad Mike came in from The Bronx, and some guy called David Dimerra.  This one was the epitome of Mayhem, and a perfect way to represent the first five years of the show.  We talked about our beginnings, and other random things.  Honestly, I still have to watch back to figure out just what happened.  The setup worked well enough.  The room was a little darker than I would have liked (bring lights!) and the other miniDV camera I brought I couldn’t figure out why this camera insisted on shutting off since it was one I used previously in the studio.
Chachi Says 18: A Word on Science

A belated episode as we work on reworking some of the production schedules on the site, but this one was well timed since we were down this week at Evening with Podcamp, and Chachi got to visit his good friend Creation Rex, and talk about the public assault on Chachi’s Science.
Music Funtime Show 29: X-Pistols Premiere!

Another week of cool new music.  New mixtape, Scrub Club, and an advanced CD from Suburban Noize Records.  I’m enjoying the simplicity of this show’s setup once again.
An Evening With Podcamp: Kellee Maize

This was a night I took the oppurtunity to try a version of Tuesday’s Sharp Edge Bistro on Penn *ding!* setup another try.  It’s a huge difference to produce a two camera setup when you’re not the host!  WireCast worked out great for a quick two camera multicam.  Only drawback was using the digital8mm from the studio on the same area was far too obvious compared to my Panasonic 3 chip camera.  I took the time to go through the video to adjust some color.  While not perfect, I hope it looks better then what I had originally for everyone.

This is a setup I’ve been experimenting with to do some conferences and training presentations in the near future.  Almost there!

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