This Week in SorgCasts: Logmein

Chachi Says 9: Fan Contributions
I’m really happy with how Chachi has taken on the interactivity possibilities of his show.
AwesomeCast 24: The Show of Two Fires
Another week we called on our past guests, and step up they did!

Wrestling Mayhem Show 243: Mayhem Playhouse
Another fun show on an election night.

Music Funtime Show 24: Contest Time!
This was something of a light show.  I have a concept that gets tested out on episode 25 for a face off review of the new hed pe CD, but we did officially launch our first Twitter contest at Sorgatron Media!  And so far, I’ve been enjoying the response!

I’ve had issues with some of the older hardware in the studio.  I’m also a big fan of’s free service (and plan to buy the iPad version in the future).  Here’s a little bit on how I’m using it to turn some of those older machines into dummy terminals.

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