This Week in SorgCasts: Live from Mayhem…

What a week!  We shoehorned all the work in, and dropped a show to celebrate Turkey day!  Woo!

Wrestling Mayhem Show 246: Justin Roberts: Internet Predator

This week, we have another instance of some big shot wrestler not respecting the show, getting “sick” and blowing us off.  Which is actually our friend, new ICWA graduate, and WMS Alumni, Doc Remedy AKA David Demirra, who got sick.  So we’ll let him have this one.  But it worked out! The fans pulled out with the emails and voicemails, and we had ThePrinceMagus back with a tremendous story that truly slandered a WWE ring announcer.  Pure.  Gold.

AwesomeCast 27: State of the Art Traffic Reporting

The Podcasting Tuesday opener got off to a rocky start, with the tech problems detailed below, but once we got rolling, we had a great time with Jim Lokay of KDKA TV here in Pittsburgh.  He had a great angle on how they’re using Twitter an social media at the TV station and he had some great feedback on all of the stories we had lined up from his own personal “Den of Apple products”.  Don’t think we haven’t considered a “Christmas in February” special with Lokay and his spinning tree a la Snowmageddon 2009…

Chachi Says 12: Fan Request 3

As we continued for the episode after this, I’m a fan of Chachi doing these on location episodes.  If nothing else, it mixes things up from just being Chachi.  Alone.  In his bedroom.  With an audience.  The fan interaction is growing.  And I’m liking how his show looks with some of the other equipment we have around the studio.  Looking forward to the potential show upgrade in the coming month.

And speaking of that technical glitch before AwesomeCast, we had one little missing piece. Something like a keystone to the whole operation. We’re talking a simple firewire 400 to 800 adapter that allowed the cameras that patched the Skype video to our BoinxTV setup. I’d had WireCast waiting in the wings to work with for weeks, but hadn’t had the chance to test it. Lets go crash course! We were a bit late starting thanks to me learning and verifying that the show was indeed recording to the hard drive, but here we are! We still need to get some titles worked out and some appropriate formats so I’m not up until 3 AM on a school night converting everything to edit, but it’s gold otherwise!

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